For the last two weeks, the cherry trees have been blooming in South Korea in the region around Seoul. Kyung Hee University’s Global campus, which is scattered with these giants, offers some magical sights to its students and to those who meander around its buildings.

Though I am not a religious person, there is something reassuring in seeing these church towers peeking over the shoulders of nearby buildings and cherry trees, soaring high in the blue sky and acting as beacons when I am wandering through those unfamiliar places.

Church Tower
The tower of a Protestant church located on the bank of the Woncheon river in Suwon and seen from behind cherry blossoms.
I love these bosky shortcuts that go right under the cherry trees on the campus

The area around the library is particularly enchanting with its two long cherry blossom-covered sidewalks on each side of the Pensée Plaza, and many students and locals can be seen here enjoying the full bloom of the trees and taking some seasonal selfies.

Now, the cherry trees are releasing their last remaining white petals. It’s time to say our farewell, and, already, new colorful stars are forming on the side of the roads.

Pink Flowers

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